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Kapelan Bio-Imaging is a bio-imaging company from Leipzig, Germany. We develop and distribute software and imager for digital image analysis in research and routine.

The LabImage Software Platform provides a unique approach for all bio-imaging needs from image analysis up to automation and device controlling. LabImage provides the world only Imaging Application Pool.    

The LabImageR reader series consists of specific readers for use mainly in routine diagnostics. The readers are made to work in close combination with the LabImage Platform.

New Release of LabImage Platform - free LabImage 1D

The new LabImage Platform release is available now! It features new modules for device controlling as well as a totaly free version of LabImage 1D. LabImage 1D L300 provides al features to run gel and blots analysis including MW and calibration.     

More on the free LabImage 1D

Device controlling - list of devices


The LabImage Platform is a software framework build upon latest software technology for use on different operating systems. It provides modules to cover each of your requirements. Starting with core modules for image analysis and data processing and data storage the LabImage Platform can be used to set up even full imaging processes and analysis workflows. LabImage can even control external devices as digital cameras and motorized stages and the LabImageR reader series to acquire images for further analysis.


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LabImage Platform 3.2 released

LabImage Platform | 25.11.2014

Today we have released the latest version LabImage Platform 3.2. It is available for download in the download section.Read more

New Trays for LabImager TR available

LabImageR Reader | 02.05.2014

When LabImager TR was brought to the market it was mainly designed to use as strip reader. Now Kapelan provides more use cases. Using custom trays...Read more

New release featuring LabImage Application Pool

Press Releases | 10.06.2013

The LabImage Platform is a software framework build upon latest software technology for use on different operating systems. It provides modules to...Read more

Scientific Paper recommends LabImage 1D for best calculation

Press Releases | 07.08.2012

A scientific comparisons study of 1D gel electrophoresis software showed that LabImage 1D provides best results in calculation. The study compared...Read more

New software for strip based tests in diagnostics

Company | 30.05.2012

Computer based automation of high throughput processes reduce error rate in daily routine of laboratoriesRead more

App on Focus: New Colony Counting

LabImage Colony Counting (LabImage CC) automatically analyses colony plates in microbiological laboratories by electronically counting colonies of bacteria or other micro organisms. Boasting an excellent usability concept and state-of-the-art algorithms, the software will identify individual areas of dark and light according to automatic or user-set thresholds, count the resulting contrasting spots and deliver the results within just seconds.


  • Support for Win/Mac/Linux
  • Image analysis, Object detection
  • Control Lab Equipment

The LabImage Application Pool

The LabImage Application Pool brings different imaging applications straight to your desktop. It is part of the LabImage Platform and let you download the right piece of imaging software (apps) via online update to your Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer. You can try your app first without any risk. And the best is: The platform itself is free of charge.

Some of our applications:

LabImage 1D  -  Analysis for 1D Gels/Western Blots

Highest Level of Automation in 1D Gel Analysis and Western Blots Analysis

LabImage LA - Automated Strip Analysis in Routine Use

Fully automated Software for Strip based Tests and Western Blots in Routine Use

LabImage CC - Colony and Spot Detection

Multi-channel and Multi-colour spot detection

See our Tutorials for more details on LabImage